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February 08, 2008


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"I had to be home by 5pm so I could get into our guild (group) raid on Mt. Hyjal in World of Warcraft. Picture 25 nerds like me huddled over their monitors wearing Phone Operator Headsets.....lol. Tonite was special because I got Black Temple attuned on my druid. Good times!"

Doh! You read the new patch notes my man?!?!? They are doing away with the attunements come 2.4 Still, you will get a spiffy title......Great blog, sir. A must read everyday. Thanks again!

PS. You referred to Manchester United as Man U in a previous blog you may have been taking the piss but just know that is a mortal sin and one that will get even you an ass beating.


Christian, I think it's really cool how open you are about your life and I find your Blog very interesting. Not that I have much free time, but I end up reading your blog every day now. You're a good writer, I have a feeling you're going to get quite a following.... this is the most well written, interesting and HONEST Blog about the industry out there. Kudos and all that stuff!

-Jack Lawrence


I read this blog all the time.
It's interesting hearing about your background, it seems like you've lead quite the interesting life so far.
People that hate on the many different things you've done in the past don't really care about the specifics they would just rather hate on you for your success, they're envious.

You seem like a really intelligent person too, keep working hard and having fun.

Fuckers chasing the dragon blatantly on the bus

Your life makes for a really interesting story. I always thought of male porn performers as guys with double digit IQ's who spent time in prison. This blog is good because I bet you are breaking a lot of sterotypical thinking.

Not a lot of straight guys would consider $2200 enough money to get sodomized on camera, there are many easier ways to make that kind of cash. So do you consider yourself bi? What was it like to work with a shemale, was it more like working with a male, or a female?

What are your goals long-term? How long do you think you will do the adult film thing?

Keep up the good work.

Jeff and Raven

Hey Christian,
we read your blog with interest, being as that your birthday and mine are the same (Year of the Pig if you are interested in the Chinese Zodiac). What I do find interesting is that on the rare occasion that you see us (last time being at AVN this year) you barely acknowledge us. I believe you muttered a brief "Hi Raven" to my wife and didn't even look at either one of us. I know for a fact that we are not one of those companies that has looked at you with the jaundiced eye because of your past, we only considered hiring you one time a long time ago for a foot fetish scene, but could not agree on a rate. Granted we are only a husband and wife team, but considering that we are a potential source of extra income, a little courtesy would be nice. You seem to be a very articulate and well spoken person, so the brush off comes as a bit of a surprise to us....
Jeff and Raven


Good on you for sharing your background. Quite refreshing and enjoyable to read. I also love hearing about the WoW as my husband plays most every night.


Hey Christian, It so happens that we are both born in the same year-1974!!I think you are a great talent and that you will make it big. There is a lot of passion in your and that's good. All the best for 2009.

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